Things To Do In A Tent

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Things To Do In A Tent


When the weather rains, it can be a problem for campers.  Here, are a few things to do in a tent to help pass the time.  I have tried to keep it clean and designed this list to appeal to a wide of variety of people’s interests.  Also, I have made a point to try to take advantage of using smaller items or items that are already included in your camping gear.  In this way, adding these items would only slightly impact your carrying weight.  


1.  Many tents have canopies that you can open to view outside.  These can allow you to watch the rain come down and still not get wet. 


2.  Always bring a stack of cards and practice your tossing of cards into your hat.  This old school favorite can be good for passing the time, especially with friends. 


3.  Take the down time to sharpen your knife or axe.   


4.  Go back over your map and check your hiking route.  This downtime is also great to give your map a good reading to check for other areas of it.  Be practical and think to yourself thoughts like if the road were flooded, what would become my exit route.  By keeping your mind active on things like this you will find this review much more interesting. 


5.  Take out your paperback and have a good read.   


6.  Start a Journal.  Camping in general is great because it lets you get away from everything.  Use this time to write down your thoughts on life, work, family, anything.  This is therapeutic and can help you feel like you accomplished quite a bit at the end of your trip. 


7.  Take out any field guides you have to go over what you have found in the field or expect to encounter in the field.  This is a great exercise because when the weather stops, you will have a natural urge to go exploring.  Reading at home in the den doesn’t give you this same option. 


8.  Do some basic woodcarving.  No fancy equipment is needed.  Just simply use a good piece of wood and go to work.   


9.  Take a nap.  Nothing better than getting a cat nap with a gentle rain in the background. 


10.  Plan out your next day in your head or on paper.  Check rations, do inventory, etc.  This is not the most fun thing to do, but it will let you be proactive and give you more free time to do the things you want when the rain stops.  Use this downtime to make any needed repairs on camping equipment, clothing or yourself.  This is good time to check for foot blisters, or to treat any cuts or rashes. 



11.  Meditate.  This will not appeal to everybody, but if you are into yoga or martial arts, you understand the value of meditation.  Mediation while camping is great because of its natural backdrop of nature. 


12.  Practice your knot making.  Knowing that you are comfortable making several basic knots will pay you dividends down the road if you camp enough. 


13.  Bring along a basic bead set for the kids.  Kids can be entertained by having them make necklaces out the basic set and stones and other things they find while camping. 


14.  Consider drawing the view from your tent.  If the rain is light and you are artistic, you will most likely have a nice view of your campsite and/or the forest.  Take advantage of this and do a basic sketch.  You can take this home and make it into something really special or frame it for your den. 


Obviously, this is not an exhaustive list.  You could definitely add to this list.  The idea here is to only get your mind thinking about things you can do to take advantage of this situation.  With a little pre-planning, I am sure you can find a good list for you and your camping group. 

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