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Camping out away from the city affords you with a rare opportunity to do some stargazing by seeing the stars unmolested by the lights or smog of the city.  This pristine glimpse at the night sky is great time to see all of the constellations in view and possibly some comets or planets. 


Stargazing while camping also allows for a great way to spend some quality time with a son or daughter as you share your knowledge of astronomy.  In addition, it can become a very romantic moment for you and your loved one if you have some basic knowledge of Greek and Roman mythology.  However, to best take advantage of these opportunities, you should follow a few basic tips: 


1.  Brush up on your astronomy.  Get a few books that key on astronomy and learn the basic constellations in your area at that time of year.  Another source of knowledge can be the local university or weatherman to get further specifics on what to look for.  


2.  Avoid bringing along a bulking telescope.  Instead, tote a good pair of binoculars with great range.  In actuality, binoculars are simply too telescopes, so in the interest of space and binoculars other possible uses (bird and animal watching), opt for a good pair to do some extra viewing.   


3.  Bring along a good blanket or coat to lie back on.  This will make your viewing that much more comfortable as you are likely to spend upwards of an hour viewing the stars. 


By spending a little time preparing for this event, you are in position to share something with others.  This expert status makes for a great experience for you and others as you get to actually see come to life what you learned and share it with others who may have never seen it or taken the time to actually learn the constellations before. 


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