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GPS For Camping  


A GPS for camping is great for helping you actually get to the campsite from home and also in helping you get around once there.   One of the most modern inventions turns out to be a great tool for camping trips.   GPS devices provide you with an opportunity to use high-powered satellites to determine the exact coordinates for your location, elevation, humidity, and whole range of other factors.   These coordinates are especially good for camping when you are using it for orienteering purposes.    Here, are a few tips to help you when using your GPS for camping:


1.  Get a GPS that is waterproof.   Ideally, you want one that can float and can withstand water.   This will help ensure that it functions when the weather turns bad or after you drop it in the lake by accident.


2.  Get one that has a good battery life.    Since you may not have much access to charge up the GPS, it is a good idea to purchase one with a good, long battery life.   This will allow you to have more use of it without the constant fear that it will run out of power.


3.  Purchase one that allows you to preload topographical maps easily.   Since you will be using this similarly to a regular map, be sure to purchase one that allows for maps with elevation data.


4.   Uses for GPS in Camping: There are number of uses that you can use a GPS for while camping: 

         a.   Help you with surveying the land. 

         b.   Perform treasure hunts with Geocaching.    Kids and adults of all ages enjoy this new game as it blends a good hunt with modern technology. 

         c.   Estimate travel times and plan out your trip based on the distance and elevations. 

         d.   Provides a way to double check your coordinates based on the land map and the compass.   Since a compass is designed to show magnetized north and most regular maps show true north, a GPS’s second opinion can come in handy. 


Armed with this new gadget, you should have something to talk about with friends and more importantly help get you where you want to go.   A GPS for camping is a welcome addition for those who enjoy technology gadgets.   Also as the relatively new, GPS Technology expands, expect there to be more uses that will come to light and carry over into camping.


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