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Getting The Most Out of Your Camping Experience

Camping Experiences can often start to get into a rut when you do the same things each time.  Here, is a list of outdoor camping tips and ideas that can add some spice to a camping trip and are things you should do at least once while camping. 


1.  Sleep out under the stars.  Weather permitting; this can be one of the most enjoyable experiences ever.  A chance to go without fooling with a tent and just enjoy the view of the stars can be a welcome treat in the summer.


2.  Use flint and steel.  This particular method of fire starting is fairly easy compared to other methods and can be fun to do for a change of pace.  Plus, it saves matches.


3.  Visit a National Park.  Their beauty is unsurpassed and should be a requirement for all  U.S. citizens to visit at least once.


4.  Build a Lean-To Shelter.  These shelters are fun to make.  When working with a team, there is a true workman’s satisfaction in completing one of these structures and then using it.


5.  Make A Good Apple Cobbler.  Most times camping you will probably not want to bring the dutch oven.  However, one time while camping in the fall or winter, be sure to bring the dutch over and make a good apple cobbler.  As good as this dessert is normally, it is even better while camping.


6.  Fish or Hunt For Your Dinner.  Knowing you success is responsible for your dinner, will have an interesting impact on your hunting and fishing.  The satisfaction of succeeding and then enjoying your catch for dinner is a definite good time.  It builds up your confidence in your survival skills and will allow you to walk a little taller when you travel home.


7.  Build something.  I have previously mentioned a lean-to structure although anything will do.  The more elaborate the better.  Allow it to include the use of rope and the chopping and cutting of wood.  Building a camping chair, a rest for the water bucket, a homemade bed or some other contrapment will let you try out your creative juices and rival wooden structures built in Swiss Family Robinson.


8.  Setup a boastmen’s chair.  This is a system of ropes and a pulley that allows for someone to ride the pulley from a high point to a low point.  This is great fun for family, friends and kids.  Its design is simple and it is relatively very light.  It can be carried in be a great deal of fun for a large group, especially for scouts or family camping trips.


This list of tips highlights some of things everyone should do at least once.  These outdoor camping tips was designed to go past the normal list of camping activities and key in on ones that people have really enjoyed through the years.


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