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Fire Starters In A Hurry


Fire Starters can help kick start a fire in even the most terrible conditions.  For this reason, it helps to have some ideas on how to start a fire quickly just in case.  Here, are some unconventional tent camping tips to help you get the fire going:   


1.               Use lint roller paper. By placing this on the fire, it lights very quickly.


2.               Use cheese puffs.  A friend of mine swears by these.  He says they are very effective at burning because of their size and shape.  They can be used as a substitute for tinder.


3.               Bring a fire log and chop it up into pieces.   Then, use a piece for each fire to help get it started.


4.               Rubber cement: This burns easily.  (Need to make sure this is safe for food).  I think a glue stick burns easily as well.


5.               Go old school: Use dry grass or hay.  These light very quickly and give you some extra time for the shavings to start burning.


6.               Cotton balls and Q-Tips.  The cotton provides a good burning substance on its own.  However, adding an oil, vaseline or petroleum jelly will make it really burn.  You can even use your natural body oils that are on your forehead and at ends of your nose.


7.                 Splitwet wood.  Wet wood has a better chance of being dry on the inside.  Chop up wet wood and burn the inside to help have your fire start faster.


8.               Use newspapers or any paper.  These man-made materials make for a greater fire starter. 


9.               Aerosol cans.  Whether it be a can of hair spray, of Off or even deodorant, aerosol cans are highly flammable.  Use these to start a fire for warmth; however, because of the chemicals do not use these for cooking. 


10.          Baby Wipes or Sanitizing Wipes.  A number of these are highly flammable.  Not only are they good for cleaning your hands and face, they are also good for starting a fire fast.


11.          Personal Items.  A number of lotions, sun block, shaving gel, shampoos and even cologne are flammable.  If you are in a pinch, it is worth a try to see if any of these can help.


No doubt you have a few other fire starters you would like to add to this list.  This should at the very least get you thinking about trying out some new ones.  You never know when these tent camping tips will come in handy.


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