Fall and Winter Clothing Tips

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Camping Tips For Fall and Winter Clothing


Most tent campers are already aware of the need of wearing extra layers in the fall and winter.  This is basic staple of advice that serves all campers well.  However, this is not the only tip for choosing good camping clothes for the fall and winter.  We have put together a list of other items to consider for your next winter trip: 



1.  A good wool hat works great to provide added warmth while hiking and also helps keep you from losing heat from your head while you sleep. 



1.  Choose long sleeve shirts that are made of a fabric other than cotton.  You do not want your clothes to breathe in the winter. 

2.  The fabric should be durable so to avoid tearing and the sleeves long enough to extend all the way to the gloves.  

3.  Color choice should be less of an issue in fall because insects tend to die off by this time.   



1.  Durability and length are very important in pants for the winter.  Choose ones that can dry quickly if they get wet and are tear resistant.  Length is important here as you want to keep the cold air out. 

2.  Avoid cotton pants in the winter as they breathe too much. 

3.  Choose pants with good pockets and some flexibility to allow for them to be put on over long johns or other layers if needed. 


Coat or Jacket 

1.  Pick out a durable coat that is made of some sturdy fabric. 

2.  This should provide a second or third layer of comfort and so they work great especially if it provides more insulation for the neck. 



1.  Choose gloves that will give a lot of hand and finger dexterity.  Heavier gloves are useless as you will end up taking them off many times to tend to all sorts of things while camping. 



1.  What applies for summer clothes belts applies here as well.  Make sure it is durable.  A good leather belt works just fine. 



1.  In the wall and winter, opt for two layers.  You can either choose for a thin insulator sock and a wool sock over this or double up with wearing two pairs of Thor-lo socks. 



1.  This works just as well in the winter as it does in the summer.  Pack a couple as they can be used for several different purposes. 


Underwear and Undershirts 

1.  Pack long johns that cover the whole body.  The bottoms should extend all the way to the ankles and the tops should give some neck support. 


Sleeping Clothing 

1.  Long johns are a good first layer for sleeping clothes. 

2.  Add sweater or sweats to provide an additional layer. 

3.  Wear a wool hat to keep from losing heat from your head while sleeping. 


This list is a fairly comprehensive list that covers the camping clothes needed while camping in the fall or winter.  Feel free to add or subtract to this list as your own needs and camping conditions may dictate otherwise.


*Wondering how you will be able to store all your items, read Backpack Storage Tips to give you some ideas on how to maximize the use of your backpack's storage space.


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