National Parks

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Why Go Camping at National Parks


Tent Camping at National Parks provides a rare opportunity to experience camping in some of the most beautiful areas in the  United States.  If given a chance to go camping in a national park, here are some things you can expect to find:


1.  Wide variety of Activities.  Although the activities can vary depending on the national park, the list of activities can include auto touring, biking, boating, camping, climbing, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, hunting, snow skiing, swimming, and wildlife viewing.


2.  See the few remaining pristine areas in the United States.  National Parks are one of the few remaining pristine areas in America.  They give you a chance to enjoy the by seeing what America used to be like and to step back in time to a simpler era.


3.  The opportunity to see wildlife in their natural habitat.  National parks offer a wide variety of unique wildlife that would be difficult to find elsewhere.  These wildlife can include bears, bison, elk, and even wolves.


4.  Unique landmarks and land formations.  A number of the national parks have unique landmarks whether this be geysers, waterfalls, canyons, or other unique land formations.  Most other campsites will not allow you to come into contact with these unique landmarks.


5.  Strict permit and camping rules.  A number of national parks have strict rules regarding how long you are able to camp and exactly where you are able to do so.  Also, rules can be very strict at some parks like Yosemite where you can only build fires in designated fire pit areas and how you must care for waste and hunting and fishing.


National Parks definitely provide an opportunity to go camping in exotic locales.  This option will always give them an appeal that camping at a local campground or on family land will not have.  Be sure to look into this option as you should definitely visit the big parks at least once in your life.


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