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How To Cut Down the Cost of Camping Equipment


Tent Camping is a wonderful out-of-the-ordinary experience which can be enjoyed by anyone.   Unfortunately, one of the disadvantages of Tent Camping is the high initial cost of buying camping equipment.   Sadly, this hurdle keeps some people from ever even going tent camping.   The good news is this does not have to be the case at all.   With a little planning and effort, you can buy quality camping equipment at a reduced rate.   Here, are some tent camping tips to help reduce your overall camping equipment bill:


1.       Know What You Like: Camping equipment is not much different than purchasing any other consumer product.   This means you can bargain hunt for clearance items or discounted items just like you would for a designer shirt or other product.   To find out what you like, there are really only two ways to determine this:

a.         Go to camping stores and try out the products:   There are certain brand products that you can test at the store or will be on display.   Take some time to review these products and determine what brands you like or what it is about each product that you like.

b.       Borrow other people’s camping equipment: This gives you an opportunity to find out what brands you like and will allow you to make some more informed decisions.

c.         Ask A Friend:   Be sure to ask friends what type of equipment they liked and also what equipment they did not.   This will help give you a reference point in making your decision. 

d.       Use The Internet:   There are now a number of chat forums where people discuss certain types of camping equipment they like and what to avoid.   Since it is already out there and free, do not be afraid to use it.


2.       Discount Shopping: Armed with what you like, go to discount camping stores or shop online at discount camping stores trying to find the brands or products that you really like.


3.       Online Coupon Codes:   You can search online to find online coupon codes.   There are a number of sites that can provide coupons for camping equipment.   Here, is a list of some of them:








4.       Clearance Sales: Camping equipment has a tendency to go on sale around labor day and there usually is a summer and winter clearance sale as well.   A good shopper can delay purchases to around these times to find good deals.


5.       Used Camping Equipment: Search for used camping equipment.   This can be found in several areas:

a.         Bargain hunt at garage sales and estate sales.

b.       Shop at army-navy stores for certain items.

c.         Look at classified newspaper ads or Craig’s list.


By using these tent camping tips, you should be able to find some quality camping equipment at a reduced rate.   Remember after the initial cost of camping equipment is made, the additional upkeep costs of camping are very small.


When compared to other vacation trips, a tent camping trip is by far the most economical.   So go ahead get your camping equipment and start planning your trip, I think you will find that you will be glad you did.


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