Camping Cookware

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Camping Cookware  


Finding good long-lasting camping cookware helps make each camping trip that much easier.  We look into some basic information about the camping cookware available and what to consider when making your next purchase. 

What to bring in the field depends entirely on your plans.  Cast iron skillets and dutch ovens work very well, but are not suitable if you plan on doing some backpacking.  These should be reserved for car camping or tent camping where you are close to your car.  Backpackers will not want to carry in this extra weight.  Cast iron is good because the heat can spread throughout the whole cooking surface.  Also, it is very durable and can withstand a lot of punishment.  Instead, backpackers should opt for stainless steel or aluminum cookware.  These are more lightweight and aluminum, in particular, can burn very quickly.  Another good benefit is that aluminum tends to be cheaper than other camping cookware like stainless steel. 


Weight, Prices & Manufacturers 

The weight of most cookware varies depending on the number of items and their material.  However, you should find that most sets weigh under 5 pounds.  Prices can vary depending on how many items you purchase.   However, most prices fall into the range of $10 to $150.  Good sets can be had for under $50.  Popular manufacturers of camping cookware include: MSR, Snow Peak, Primus, Coleman, Texsport, Jetboil, GSI, Back To Basics, and Ledmark Industries. 


Camping Cookware Buying & Cleaning Tips 

1.  Bring along a dish rag and mild scrub brush to help with cleaning.  Additionally sand and water can be used to rinse out pots and pans.  No need to use soap and detergent normally. 


2.  Choose skillets and pans with non-stick coating.  It makes cooking and cleaning much easier. 


3.  Buy pots with a broader base and lower walls.  Pots that are broader and have lower walls are less likely to spill. 


4.  Keep your cookware in a nylon or plastic bag.  This will help keep it cleaner and keep it from giving off any overlooked grease or grime to you other camping supplies. 


5.  Camping cookware can also be used while cooking at home.  For this reason, it pays to find some items that can work in both places. 


6.  Purchase a few extra utensils to help cooking.  I recommend getting a quality pot holder, a wooden spatula, and a  big spoon or ladle.  These work great in the field and can serve multiple cooking purposes. 


7.  Bring additional trash bags to hold used cookware after initial.  This will allow you to keep your cookware away from other items and allow you time for when you can dry them and clean them thoroughly. 


Equipped with this basic knowledge, you should be able to pick out some quality camping cookware for your next trip and all the ones after.  Do not be afraid to experiment with some different brands and materials as certain people will like some more of others.  As this tends to turn mostly on personal preference, you will have to decide those things for yourself.


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