Camping Air Mattress

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Camping Air Mattress


A camping air mattress serves much the same purpose as a camping cot.  They provide a comfortable sleeping surface to sleep on that is closer to your sleeping arrangement at home by giving you some additional padding and support and raise you a few feet from the ground.  Prices for camping air mattresses run anywhere from $30 up to $200.  The higher end ones are designed for both home and camping use.  You can get a perfectly good one at the $50 to $100 range.  The weight of camping air mattresses is usually between 10 to 15 lbs.  This weight makes them relatively easy to carry. 


Camping air mattresses have a larger variety of options to choose from regarding comfort whether it be pillow-top covers or a broader surface range than a camping cot.   However, camping air mattresses are also prone to tearing and some models can become quite cold when camping in the winter.   Nevertheless, it is the best camping equipment product available for most people to get a comfortable night’s sleep. 


To help you in your selection of a camping air mattress, we have put together the following tips:    


1.   Get one that is raised at least a foot off the ground.    By doing so, it will be easier for you to get in and out of the air mattress. 


2.   Inflate fully to a firm level.   Choose one that inflates fully to a position where it is not wobbly.   If it feels too much like a water bed, it is better go with another model. 


3.   Choose self inflating units.     You may not always have a car lighter or electrical outlet handy.   For this reason, we recommend choosing ones that have pumps that operate on batteries or using foot pumps.   These devices may take a little more work to operate, but they are more useful in the woods.   Of course, if you always camp near your car, one that operates on a cigarette lighter will work just fine. 


4.   Choose one that is oversized.   You want one that you can move around in without fear of falling off and can hold other supplies like a small flashlight and shoes. 



5. Expect to buy 2 for every 5 years. Recognize air mattress are very easy to break. Anticipate that you may go through a couple air mattresses in a 5 year period. 


6.   Choose sturdy over comfort.   Try to choose ones that are sturdy and will not tear.   I would sacrifice some comfort for sturdiness as once an air mattress tears, they are never the same. 


7.   Air mattresses beat sleeping pads.   For maximum comfort, go with an air mattress every time.   The only time you would choose a sleeping pad is if you were backpacking and pack weight was a high concern. 


This should be enough to help you find a good camping air mattress.   If you have gone camping without an air mattress, we think that you will definitely like this addition to your camping equipment sleeping arrangements.


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