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Tom Brown’s Field Guide: Wilderness Survival


Perhaps the most recognized tracker in America is Tom Brown.  His story and enthusiasm about his craft make novices interested in tracking and cause experts to take a second look.  One of his camping books that goes into detail concerning tracking techniques and discusses other aspects of wilderness survival is Tom Brown’s Field Guide: Wilderness Survival.  It is an excellent read and is one of the most practical and comprehensive books on the market concerning wilderness survival.


Although this camping book's focus tends to go a little deeper than most tent campers will ever need to go concerning camping and survival, it still provides a large amount of useful information for the average tent camper.


His discussions regarding animal tracking are unparallel.  If you are looking for more information regarding different animals in North America, you have come to the right place.  He discusses the different types of tracks, how different animals walk and run and even has a discussion on how to adjust your own walk to be able to sneak up on animals.


If this were not enough, this camping book also goes into great depth regarding the survivalist aspect of camping.  It has a thorough discussion on building shelters, fire building, hunting and cooking animals, and even a commentary on finding and using plants for food and other uses.  I especially enjoyed the discussion regarding different animal traps.  In fact, the only thing it does not cover is tent camping irks, but because this is survival book it would not be appropriate anyway.


Since this book provides a great deal of useful information and is in an easy to read format, we strongly recommend this book.

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